Mga Larawan

Welcome to my growing portfolio of privately-commissioned, and office-approved graphic designs, and layouts. I also make tons of corporate videos, audio-visual presentations, some voice over works, and very recently, motion graphics. I’m still trying to find an online resource which can hold all my large video files and allow me to link them into my portfolio without the annoying you tube ads. Until then, some of my older clips are uploaded to the office’s you tube channel. Links to the videos are inserted below. Hope you’d all subscribe.

wb-05-2017-special-final-copyFOI mockupMockup Design 1Masa Masid Poster ver 3 - type A 2Masa Masid Poster ver 3 - type BMasa Masid Tarp - smallMASA MASID FLYER - A3 (FINAL)3rd Cover - flags updatedPCF Coffee Table Book (4-5)Cover Second Draft15x15 vectorPowerpoint Cover DILG



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