[ART] Infoposters

Infoposter is what I call my graphic art designs which the people in my office often refers to as “infographics”. The reason why I came up with a new name for these little guys is the fact that requesters insist that I insert paragraphs in an infograph, but adding paragraphs in infographics defeats the very purpose of one. So I simply refer to them as infoposters– posters initially designed to be infographics. Poor, infoposters, even their identity is being taken from them.

Despite the confusion, I’m still very happy with the output, even though some doesn’t seem to like them as they are and insists on making further, and often unnecessary edits.

Hi Res for FB-01VAWC 470x470-01 maBAHO-02 One Million Lapis FINAL-01



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