Portfolio – Overview & Updates

3/29/2017 – I’ve decided to give my blog a fresh, new appearance after I thought of signing up for a home-based graphic design job. I’m actually looking forward to getting accepted into the company, since I think I will be able to improve my skills in graphic design with the help of a firm that is currently involved with that specific type of work. The daily hassle of Government Service work is beginning to take its toll on my ability to preserve my sanity… and if you’re wondering why I said so, you’ll have to wait until I figure out how to string together my emotions and somehow manage to pour it all into a separate blog post. Simply put, there’s way too much emotion going on in working for the government, and a great majority of people seem to be having trouble maintaining a proper workplace decorum. I never had similar issues when I was still with the Private Sector– Company employees seem to have a clearer sense of professionalism that many government employees doesn’t seem to have.

In any case, here’s another update.


Update! Update! Dundundundunnn!!!

5/6/2016 – Yep. A loooooonnnng awaited update! Makes me wonder if my interest in blogging only comes once or twice after… (checks Published on:)… THREE YEARS!

So, about the update, considering the kind of work I’m involved in now, I decided to include my designs, projects and original artworks here as well. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t put my works on a personal blogsite, nor do I know of any legal impediments which disallow employees from posting the products of their 8-hour work to other websites, particularly the ones they own themselves. Therefore, all infographics, posters, and other creative works I’ve contributed to the Agency I’m working for will be displayed and archived on my ART and WRITINGS page. As usual, you will find them in the dropdown box list after hovering your mouse over the tab for Art and Writings.

I’m looking forward to filling-up this section with new works, including the prose and poetry section! Who knows, maybe my writer’s block might be inching closer and closer to its expiration. Haha.


This is where I’ll be saving all my literary works for safekeeping. I’ve created several websites all over the internet to serve as portfolio but I end up neglecting every single one of them. Here at WP, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with the pressures of maintaining my blog, including making new entries to this section. I have been far away from my muse for a very long time now. It’s about time I return to my old habits.

So, if you want to check out my works, just put your cursor over the “Literature” heading and take a random pick from the pop-up list. I’d appreciate if you could also leave a comment after each piece for me. Thanks!


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