Lacus Somniorum disproves the quotation, “What you don’t know will hurt you”

Its untrue when they say, ‘what you don’t know will hurt you’. We know what will hurt us. And our instinct is to run away from the pain. But when it catches us, we claim we never saw it coming.. To make it sound unjust, unfair. But pain is like a rabid dog, the more you run from it, the more it pursues you. The next thing you know, the fangs have already pierced your skin, the venom already coursing through your veins — you’re at the state of dying very slowly…

But in the end, you always have the choice. Whether to have yourself treated and learn from it, or to simply submit to fear and let the essence of death consume you, its all up to you. The rabid dog dies in a short while afterall, but its up to you to decide whether to accept the same fate, or learn from the monstrosity and continue your struggle to live.