A reflection on how the world lives in the limitless, and indistinguishable world of chance and destiny.

No matter where you are, no matter where you’re going, whenever you run, the cold, strong wind always blows against you.

Why wouldn’t all things go your way all the time? Because there is a natural balance in this world which must be preserved forever? Because we can’t learn from them? Because without these hindrances, we can never grow as persons who shall suit this world better? No. We acknowledged the inexistent balance because things wouldn’t go our way all the time. Due to extreme depression, we find ourselves thinking of feasible reason to explain life’s ironies. At times when we’ve given the world everything we’ve got, the world spats at our faces and mocks at us, and so we come to accept the balance, the fate, the experience as an essential part of growth. But we can never accept, really, because in the end, we all know that these ‘truths’ are simply lies we continuously whisper in our own heads, to be that something we can hold on to…