Mga Salita [ Prose and Poetry ]

After editing my WP pages for the nth time, I can’t help but read through and comment on these old prose which I’ve written several years ago. There are grammatical mistakes here and there, and some may seem like the writer is all over the place, but even ’til now, many years after, I can still remember how I was feeling, or what I was thinking when I was writing the piece. Funny how some lousy, child-like, amateurish prose jog up so much memories…

As You Turn 20 in 30 Minutes – An essay collating significant events in a person’s life, with clear illustration how this person felt about the each.

August 13th, 2007 –  An unfortunate event opened the eyes of the solitary artist — enabling her to write about the value of life upon realization of the possibility of death.
Doctor Faust: Epilogue – An epilogue to Lacus Somniorum’s Doctor Faust, this short story is narrated by Lucrece, the child of Amber and Louis. Lucrece narrates the life of Louis from her point of view, showing all her biases and personal convictions. It’s up to you to feel for Louis and put your foot in his shoes and call the treatment just.

This is Love – A woman goes over her description of the word love.

Thoughts on Chances – A reflection on how the world lives in the limitless, and indistinguishable world of chance and destiny.

Thoughts on Pain – Lacus Somniorum disproves the proverb, “What you don’t know will hurt you”.

Wishing I Could Just Disappear… – A FanFiction for the Manga Series Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear (or, simply Pretear). Seventy years after the defeat of the Saihi, what fate awaits the retired Pretear whose hours are numbered, the Knight who had devoted himself to her, and the love that had once bound them together?



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