Ang Buhay ni Kilay

Greetings, Earthlings! I’m Kelly and you’re reading my blog. I’m not really sure why you’re here, but it can only be two things: One, I know you and I asked you to read my blog; and two, you know me and found the link to my blog while browsing through google… meaning, you’re stalking. Haha. No, I don’t mean that. Still, I’m thankful you took time to check on my blog and probably read through my posts and my work. I signed up for Word Press years ago with absolutely no reason why… but I’m glad I did make one now, to keep me from getting terribly bored.

Enough about that and more about meee!! :3

Me in my favorite make-up, and freshly dyed hair :D
Enter the Selfie.

 I’m 24 years old (as of May 23, 2013). And I’m very much into music right now. Currently, with the help of  Byron, mydearly beloved, I’m in the process of learning how to play the drums. I can play several other insturments, namely: piano, guitar, violin, flute and the cute little ukelele. I can play pretty much whatever I set my sights on in a few weeks time, but I never go beyond mediocre in my playing. I get either bored or frustrated as some point, so I stagnate until I find a new muse to play for. Luckily, Byron has been very patient in keeping me interested in playing the drums, although I easily get annoyed now when I try to play something that doesn’t sound right to me.

 I play a lot of video games, but I prefer playing old favorites and hardly go crazy over new titles. I have a PSP, and my Kuya bought a PS3 for use at home, but I don’t play them that much now. Maybe until I get my PSP joystick fixed (it gets sticky at some point, so even if you don’t touch it, you’ll see how Zach runs around in circles like an idiot), and buy new titles for our PS3. Bottom line: BROKE.

 I’m fond of electronic gadgets too, but the last statement still stands: BROKE. I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note (still haven’t decided whether to get the 10.1 version or the new 8.0 one), a blackberry phone (so I can easily communicate with my Kuya in Abu Dhabi via BB Messenger), and an apple device (maybe an ipad with retina display, but I still haven’t fully decided on getting one) as soon as I start working in the Department of Interior and Local Government. I know you’re not supposed to disclose salary details, but let’s say, I’ll earn more than your average Technical Support Representative at a call center for heavier work load and shorter work hours (no overtimes, night shifts, and holiday work!). I admit, I feel really lucky. I do hope I get in. And I want to start working very soon.

I have dogs at home. Three beagles. I feel that I’ve neglected them, but as soon as I start earning again, I’m going to buy them a posh doghouse, a sack of high quality dog food, take them to the vet, and love them for as long as I live. I’m writing these down to remind myself of my priorities as soon as I start working. (The gadgets and the car will just have to come after this).

Let me also talk about the love of my life, Byron. He’s the greatest!

Mafia Lord :3
Enjoying a Cuppa with Love

Here’s a photo of him which I took while we’re having a coffee break in SM Megamall, Ortigas. He was in the mood to pose for an instagram shot so I took advantage of it and clicked away! He’s 27 years old as of posting time, and will be turning 28 on November 12. He’s even more that what I have imagined to have in my life as a life-long partner. We’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, although getting married and having kids is, at this time, still out of the question. His mom needs all his help, while I have to finish my school. He’s also hoping to be a lawyer and study law school like me, but due to financial constraints, he’s currently unable to do so. I hope I can help him out in the future, as he selflessly and effortlessly have been to me. He’s a very cheerful person and very friendly too, but he can be strict and firm like my Dad sometimes. Even so, I love everything about this man, and I can’t wait to start a family with him too.

Byron finished his degree in Philosophy (and several other Minors, which are too lengthy to mention…) in a Catholic Seminary under the order of Franciscan Minors. He has a unique sense of spirituality that is beyond what conventional Catholics believe in, which he is continuously sharing with me. He grew up with a strong foundation of morals which amazes me even to this day. On September 15, 2013, we will celebrate our 3rd Anniversary together.

Read more about me in my blog entries. This section will be updated from time to time depending on my mood 😀




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