Updating my Online Portfolio

I created this website for the sole purpose of becoming a repository (actually, more like a trash bin) for things I’ve done for work, and some other art commissions I’ve finished as proof of my accomplishments as a graphic artist. At this point in time, since I am still struggling to finish my law degree, I’m uncertain whether this career track will become more of a permanent fixture in my life, or if this is going to be a mere stepping stone, or perhaps, something that keeps food on the table while I make my way up the ladder. So, unless I’m sure that I will not be needing theses files anymore, I’m going to (try and remind myself to) keep the pages of this online blog full with all my finished works, sometimes even the ones I’m going to put on hold for whatever reason, but still intend to finish sometime in the future.

More of my more recent works in the next posts. Hope you can take time to comment on them.


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