MASA MASID Volunteer Teaser

MASA MASID Volunteer Teaser (1080p) Link to You Tube

This was commissioned by the National Barangay Operations Office in an effort to get more people to sign up as volunteers for the Masa Masid program of the DILG. I created flyers for the same promotional purpose, and I will be linking that to this post.

After this was approved, smart asses thought that maybe they could get local television companies and cinema houses to promote the video clip through their systems for a price, and they convinced me to make a shorter version of the same that is under one minute (the first one is a little over a minute and thirty), so I made a (rather painful) decision to cut down Carl Orff’s beautiful piece to satisfy their whimsical desires, and I came up with this:

MASA MASID Volunteer Teaser (Shorter Version) link to You Tube

All links open to a new window, so no need to right click on the thing.


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