My first shot at Sketch Animation

I just found out that facebook doesn’t let you upload .swf files, and windows 10’s native image viewing software cannot let you view your animated GIFs ( I didn’t know that I imported the file incorrectly, so now my file moves even on windows 10’s photo app, but I’m uploading this here anyway… This feels like a milestone for me in terms of my “growing” knowledge on flash animation, thus, worthy of a spot in my blog.), so I wanted to try if I’ll be able to see Emie’s eyes and mouth move from my wordpress blog.

Since everyone’s in such a festive mood, workload has been nearly null lately, and this means I had plenty of time to tinker with Adobe Flash Pro, and try my hand at sketch animation for the first time.

In case you’re wondering, I’m on a i7 Windows 10 desktop machine, with at least 2GB GPU and 16GB of RAM. I did the sketch on my iPad Pro 9.7 while on Duet Display for Windows. Now, I’m stressing over the fact that I picked the smaller iPad Pro model when I had the chance to choose which one to get: the keyframe boxes on Adobe Flash Pro appeared so tiny, I hurt my eyes after working on this one. Take note that I spent nearly an hour in making this, and that’s enough proof that I might need to figure out a way to make the display bigger (like switching the iPad Pro display to lower resolution, perhaps?)




I would like to know if you have tips and tricks to share with me in my quest to master the art of sketch animation on Adobe Flash Pro. I’d really appreciate any comment or feedback to help me learn. Thanks very much!


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