KomiKs ni Kilay: Ang ADA

ADA a sort of document where contract-of-service employees can check when their services can be finally paid for a certain work period. Don’t ask me what it stands for, all I know is, while I was under COS terms at the office where I currently work, we’ll know we’ll finally get our hands on our little salaries as soon as we see our names on the ADA, often seen filed at the Cash Section for the scrutiny of all. If you see your name on the ADA, sometime after lunch the day after, you can check your payroll account online, and you’ll be sure to see a set of highly unfamiliar numbers linked to your name. And then, you go straight to the nearest ATM, cash out your salary, only to be barricaded by your endless creditors on your way back into the office.

Here’s a little something I know far too well: when ADAs come late, and there was no way to further stretch that last Php 100 bill in your wallet to last another day.

Maybe you should check out these video clips first before reading my web comic, or you might not get the joke immediately. šŸ˜›




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