Poetry – 

Look, the birds have come to sing,
Little miss Sunshine, don’t you see?
Spreading their wings to soar up high;
Never looking back.

Hush, the sun is back again,
Little miss Sunshine, don’t you see?
Clearing the darkness of the past;
Its another day.

Darling open up your pretty eyes;
Theres no need to hide or cry;
What has passed is all long gone;
All thats left to do is one.

Come, the road has cleared for you,
Little miss Sunshine, don’t you see?
Take my hand, I’ll hold you close;
All will be okay.

-concluded 10:29p 07/16/16

I was on facebook when I saw screenshots of the indie movie “Little Miss Sunshine”, with a few quotes from the scene visible at the bottom of the image, then I thought of something bittersweet to write about. Pretty soon, the words began to command my fingers as I typed away and managed to complete a 4-stanza poem. I intended to keep this piece from becoming a full-fledged quatrain (with rhyme patterns) because I actually envisioned this piece to be sung than spoken, thus explains the consistent meter. I’ll see if I can ask Byron to make the music. I imagine plenty of strings here…

Of all the songs I’ve written (and lost, or forgotten) in the past, this must be the first one I’ve written without rhyme. I’m a sucker for aabb and abab patterns, and anything else that rhymes even without a fixed measure, I find extremely amazing. This could also be why I am a huge fan of Eminem— his writing style, mastery of vocabulary and creativity are beyond compare.

Overall, despite the obvious simplicity of this piece, I am quite satisfied with the outcome. I’ve been absent from the realm of creative writing for years, and a short four-stanza piece is just what I needed to break the (seemingly) unbreakable chain of dormancy and writer’s block. Who knows what I manage to conjure up next?

By the way, I finally figured out what story element to use for my novel-in-the-making Doctor Faust. I’ve been stuck with that problem for years, and that’s why all I could manage to put together is a prologue in short story format. The movie The General’s Daughter gave me an idea, but of course, I’m not going to copy from that. But, in giving credit where credit is due, I’ll admit that this is where I’ll be drawing an inspiration from. For some of you out there who haven’t seen the 1990’s movie, if you get upset over poorly written movies with wasted potential, I’d advise you against watching it. The first hour and a half will only keep your hopes up for an awesome ending, but believe me, you’ll find yourself feeling a bit shorthanded in the end.

I’ll try to write a few lines of Faust to test it [story element] out. I’ll upload it on Wattpad if I ever manage to get at least seven chapters down, if all story elements I have so far and this new one aligns. And I hope you can all come over and read it.


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