Ang mga Kwento ni Kilay: Unang Kwento

I like how my new blog layout looks like, though I wish I could further personalize the template I’ve selected for this account. Sadly, my website programming knowledge has fallen way behind the times, and it’s so outdated, that I have to make time to study everything again.

Recently, an old source of irritation has revived: some colleague who thinks s/he knows everything. I’d rather stick to the dual pronoun than risk unveiling his/her identity… as a matter of fact, I think it would be a more pleasant, and less violent manner of protest if I refer to the person as ‘it’ all throughout this blog post. Think of ‘it’ as Stephen King’s ‘It’: a horrendous, destructive and insane being whose beginnings are unknown. Nobody knows exactly how this person lived to be at that age, considering how awful its personality is, I’m surprised no one has even taught it a lesson. And by lesson, I mean, one tough beating.

Yes, I hate it that much. I get so angry whenever I see it that I can’t keep myself from singing the chorus of Eminem’s asshole (his song, not the body part, mind you). The song goes like this:

Everybody knows that’re just an asshole
Everywhere that you go
People wanna go home
Everyone knows
Everybody knows
So don’t pretend to be nice
There’s no place you can hide
You are just an asshole
Everyone knows
Everyone knows

Applause, applause, for Skylar Grey’s vocals. However I try, I cannot make myself to sound like her whenever I sing it for it. Instead of sounding like Skylar Grey, my voice comes out like Slim Shady’s annoying, nasal rant.

*tries singing while looking at it from afar*

Yeah, I do sound like Shady.

I’m pretty sure this is how I look like when it starts to talk to me.

Because of this immense and uncontrollable hatred towards it, I turn into an immature monster whenever presented with an argument involving it, or a discussion about it. Sometimes, I try to look back and remember why I started hating it.

And then I remembered, oh yeah, it tried to sabotage my work not just once, or twice, but three times before. It believes t is superior to me in all aspects, and sees it only right and just that it will be its ways, and nothing or no one else’s, that should be followed and obeyed (blindly). Of course, people who’ve known me for years would immediately shake their heads at that, because they know that I’m not the type of person who simply bows down to tyrants and turns a blind eye at oppression. I look at an extremely controlling and manipulative person as a tyrant– because immediately cancelling out another person’s free will, because someone thinks he or she does it better, is too cruel in my opinion. Nothing’s more valuable in this world than a free man’s free will, and a conscious effort to control, manipulate or stop that… simply unthinkable.

During our little petty arguments, Byron would sometimes tell me I’m being manipulative and overly controlling, to the point that it stresses him out. Putting that in mind, maybe I’m being more like it in more ways than I ever thought possible. But on smooth-sailing days, whenever I ask him about how he feels about me, he would just say that people are imperfect beings, and are bound to make mistakes. “You’re not perfect, just as I am not. But, its because of our differences that we are together. One completes what the other lacks, or at least we try to, and that’s why we argue.”

Based on that premise, I think, “what does it have that I don’t?”.

Nope. Nothing.

So, does that mean I hate it just because it tried to sabotage my work several times, and still acts as if it knows how to do my job better than I do?

Yeah. That sounds plausible.

Then, I really do hate it, don’t I? It doesn’t have anything to do with the “you complete me” thingamajig?


God, I hate her.





And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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