Catcalling is a Crime

“When you see or hear anyone say something wrong, you do not encourage it, you do the opposite.” – From a husband whose wife was whistled at in public.
It becomes less complicated when we remove the names. People tend to think around names. We make excuses for names, and we eventually forget all abhorrent actions which we should really be focusing on: catcalling is a crime. It’s offensive, its definitely not welcome in any setting, for anyone, regardless of gender, and it makes people feel uncomfortable, small, insecure and scared. We do not whistle at women in public– women who are someone’s wife, daughter, girlfriend or sister. It’s downright wrong, inappropriate and immature.
Restoring Context
Here is where the story begun:

Duterte whistles and sings to Journalist Mariz Umali

The husband is Raffy Tima, hence, the wife, naturally, is Mariz Umali. And the offender? You guessed it: Your President, my President, Digong Duterte.

I have nothing against Duterte, as I’ve written in my facebook post. I believe that he is completely capable of straightening corrupt cops and plucking out corrupt government officials. I believe in the capability of Local Government Officials manning top posts in the Executive Branch simply because the tasks of LGU Executives have very little difference in the nature of the work of top National Officials, only that the scope of the former is several times larger than the latter.

This is what I’ve been worried about since the rise of Duterte’s popularity even before the campaign period. Back when the time he consistently denied plans of running for president, his attitude towards women and other organizations have always been evident. He is known to have a no-bullshit attitude, and would often speak his mind, no holds barred. But I believe it’s because of these characters of his that he won the hearts and the trust of many filipinos, not only in the Philippines, but even those living overseas: they see him as a real person, who swears and cries and laughs, and find his image not so difficult to relate to. Over 16 million Filipinos voted for him, and this brought him to power, regardless of his initial distaste for it. But even before, I’ve been wary of this attitude of his, specifically, his unhealthy reaction to women he fancies.

It will be easy to accuse me of being biased, and I have no reason not to admit it: I was a victim of harassment. And since my teenage years, I have been subjected to street harassment now referred to as “catcalling”. Here’s an infographic created by a fellow vicitm, and oh, how she expertly explained how I feel whenever I cross the street.




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