By the way…

How many times have I started a blog entry with the words: “It’s been a long time since my last blog…”? I’m getting tired of writing them, actually. When I log on to my wordpress account with nothing but those letters at the tip of my fingers, I start to feel bad about myself.

Why? Because it only shows how very little time I have for myself.

If you’ve read my last entries (including that which I have on the intro page), you’ll see that I’m still hired as Info Officer of a program in some agency in the Philippines. Last October 2015, I was lucky enough to get a permanent job in the agency, and, fortunately, with better benefits than before (oohh Vacation Leave! How I have missed you!). Unfortunately, however, I am still a struggling Law Student who is prepping up to switch to another school. I’m surprised that I don’t feel as depressed as one would expect after being kicked out of PUP Law (at least I know it was all my fault and I have no one else to blame but myself, which could also explain why I don’t feel as bad), but I’m still relieved that I still get to have a second shot at the thing, though I’m sure I won’t get as much financial support as before, because of my poor standing PUP Law. But, looking at the bright side of things, I feel I’ll have more control over my frequent procrastinating and excessive laziness because I’ll have to pay for 100% of my tuition. Who would want to finance a lazy student’s education, after all?

So, I am here at work, waiting for Byron to send me a text that he’s ready to go home… Tomorrow, my big sister and I will be taking our little sister to the mall to get her a surprise present. She just got into one of the most elusive schools in the country: QCSHS! It kinda sounds like CHS (from My Little Pony) which is why I find it extremely awesome (saying it ala Rainbow Dash)!

Oh look, a missed call. Looks like its go time. See you guys around!




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