Getting Ready for Bontoc

I am a litle upset that I couldn’t buy genuine, Mountain Province-made etag for Byron, which he specifically requested me to buy. As of posting time, our salary hasn’t come in yet, and this means no fridge door magnet for my cute, little fridge. Too bad…. I was able to buy a keychain from Sadanga, though… Maybe there’s a way to turn it into a fridge door magnet?

So, we are leaving Sadanga, finally,after spending nearly a day in this small, but breathtaking municipality. I am writing this entry as we are riding through the sloping roadways to Bontoc. We passed by the Sadanga Mayor’s house for a brief while to pick up something one of my colleagues left behind during breakfast.

I feel that I have not yet written enough about the roadways here in the Mountain Province. But, by simply looking at the name of the place, it’s easy to assume that the “National Highway”, as it is so called, is paved at the mountainside. Meaning, while one side of the road stands the enormous section of the mountain (which may or may not have side riprap to minimize landslides), the other side is your free, and easily accessible path to your doom. Yes, you heard me right, the road is on a man-made cliff. Now, to make matters worse, our exceptionally skillful driver commands the wheel at 30-90 km/h. Sweet. Oh, did I already mention that it’s raining like hell right now, and that any minute now, the fog might set in?

I intend to promote the tourism of Mountain Province, but I think its wrong of me to say that it’s all sweets and peaches… it’s NOT. A trip to the Codilleras is not meant for the faint hearted. You have been warned.

But, it’s a travel that’s worth taking.

And if somebody’s planning on traveling here anytime soon, can you please try the Turmeric tea drink that people are selling just nearby the Municipal Hall? I didn’t have any money to buy one, but they told me its good.

I also recommend sampling the yoghurt delicacies they offer at cafes.



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