My Life So Far

This is one problem I frequently encounter no matter how enthusiastic I can get in starting up a new blog site — it always comes to a point where I start to get bored, or lazy, or simply uninterested to post updates to my blog. I remember the first blog I have ever published online, I gave it a title: Confessio Amantis. That was the one and only blog that had quite a large number of readership, and I was able to interact with a whole lot of people from all over the world… and that was back in the early 2000’s, or even earlier, I don’t even remember exactly. I dearly miss those days where I feel the most excited in booting up my computer, and logging on to my website to see a couple of new comments, hits and shares on a new blog post I made the other day.

Now, considering the number of people who create more interesting blog posts on a regular basis, I don’t get that much attention anymore. It’s really sad considering that  I love blogging, but these days I just can’t spare the time to sit down and write. And just now, it came to me that there are indeed a handful of reasons why it’s near impossible for me to maintain a steady stream of activity for my blog these days:

1. I don’t have a personal computer.

My old, trusty Netbook gave out on me years ago, and even until now, I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to spend money for repairs, or just save up to buy a brand new one entirely. Right now, I’m writing this blog in the activity room of Eurotel, North EDSA while in a meeting, using an office-issued laptop, and I’m seriously wanting to steal this thing and take it back home with me today. It’s a 15-inch ASUS laptop on Intel i7 1.8GHz (GAAAHH!?) processor, with 8gb memory and 1tb storage space. I’m terribly upset why they put 1.8GHz here, and  I only noticed it now… Even so, I would really want to have my own laptop soon. I’m eyeing a second-hand Macbook which costs around Php 30,000, and I’m going to get it as soon as I get a credit card.

Unlike my other people, I can’t expect something as expensive as a laptop to come falling from the hands of a relative only to land on my lap. I mean, if someone freely gives me a freebie, I’d be more that happy to accept, but I don’t want to keep waiting for something that might not come. Other people might have it a whole lot easier by simply waiting for a relative to spend for them and give them what they want, but I’m different. The very first laptop I got, I bought it in installments myself. I bought my own PSP back in 2008, and a couple more clothes for work and school. I’m very proud of all that. But now, I can’t afford to spend on those anymore: my law books are more important to me now. Imagine having to buy at least three law books for a single law class? While tuition is fairly inexpensive (I’m enrolled at one of the most populated, most affordable public university in the Philippines. Take a wild guess…), school expenses completely balances it all out, especially the books which cost at least Php 1,000 a piece. Now, since I’ve already mentioned Law School…

2. Law School is making a real-life hermit out of me.

While I still believe that Medicine is the hardest course anyone could possibly take in post-graduate school, I consider Law as second hardest. In the study of Medicine, you have to split yourself into two in order to meet the requirements of the course — one for studying, and another for in-hospital internship. There are days where you have to be in classrooms for a time, and then head right to the hospital for your shift for another. In Law School, whenever you’re not in class, you can be practically anywhere — for so long as you have your books to read and you can study wherever you are. There are a number of us Law Students who work in the morning, and take classes from late afternoon until evening. For Med Students, it’s totally impossible to work and study at the same time, because they already have their hands full with internship alone.

Setting aside the comparison, Law School is indeed making a real-life hermit out of me. When I’m not studying, or working, I’d rather sleep, or talk to my fiance Byron. Sometimes, I can’t even sleep or talk to him because the pile of clothes which I have been gathering for over two weeks needs to be cleaned, or else, I won’t have anything to wear the next day. When I don’t have chores, and Byron’s out with friends, I take the dogs out for a walk, or spend some time with my sibs, but that’s like… super RARE.

3. Working and Studying at the same time is HARD.

It is. And I’ve noticed that all the work is tiring me out. Imagine working from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, and then taking classes from 6pm to around 9pm or 10, not withstanding the fact that I travel from home to work, then work to school, and finally school back home on a daily basis, and travel time can be about 30 minutes to two hours. Now imagine doing that every day, save weekends. Where in that kind of system can you squeeze in time to blog?

I am the worst. Even right now I feel I should cut this short already. It’s tiring. GRRAAAHHH!!!


Yours, always,



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