Collection: Lasting Colour #2 – “Pink Shock”


I discovered Collection Cosmetics just last month while I was out looking for cheap deals on makeups during the holiday sale. First, I found their it stall inside Mercury Drug in Trinoma, and then I went searching for their other stall inside the Crossings Ramp. I have to say this because I really appreciate how warm and accommodating their sales ladies were (for both stalls I checked out) so I didn’t feel like I’m wasting their time or bothering them. I took my time in picking the right shade, and,  considering that I still have Ruby Red and Nude in my growing collection of makeups, I decided to try out the bright pink one, just for fun.

When it comes to makeups,  I always play safe by keeping it minimal and natural. You have to note, though, that I’m not into partying and stuff like that,  so all I need,  naturally, is the kind which holds a more professional look and requires very little time to put together. Picking a wild, attention-grabbing color would mean going beyond what I need, which is why I thought picking a tube of this shape could be a mistake.

But guess what? I love it!

For something worth p199, the texture of the lipstick is very thick, highly pigmented, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. The shade is very bright and pleasant. It has a decent fragrance and taste which I think I have gotten addicted to,  because I can’t help but re-apply after several hours! In an office setting, it usually lasts for about 3 to 6 hours even after contact with water or food. You can tell if it’s starting to go away when you can no longer taste or smell it, so it allows you to retouch just at the right time!

I’m definitely going to buy this again. Since I’ve just started my makeup collection, I’m at a stage where I pick anything affordable and try it out until I find another brand which works best for me. I normally wait until the last one runs out, but this time,  I’ve decided to let my Nude Ever Bilena tube retire and try out Collection’s Birthday Suit shade on my next paycheck! I hope the sales ladies will be happy to assist me again!



Here are two photos I found on my Dropbox with me wearing Collection Cosmetics’ Pink Shock! Thank you for another great buy,  Collection Cosmetics PH!





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