New Year’s Resolution: SAVE!

I’m not getting any younger, so I have to be more mature about how I handle my finances. I have a few more loans I haven’t paid yet, which I am saving up for so I’ll have a better, and worry-free year this time (unlike last year, I couldn’t even sleep with all the problems I’ve been keeping in my head).

Thanks to a friend from facebook, I found a good guide to help me start saving. Hopefully I’ll learn something worthwhile from this. Later, I will have to look for a jar to put my money in. But I’ll make a few modifications to fit my current salary.

Before I say any more, you may read the article here.


Looking at the chart the blogger created, saving gets tougher as you get closer to December. I think it makes sense since the closer you are to your goal, you get to feel a sense of urgency, because that’s where it all happens.

Earlier, I was talking about modifications. I want to be able to buy something by the end of the year and also save something for my bank. Looking at the amount of money I will have to put away, I might be able to make it work if I put enough effort and serious consciousness in it. The whole thing seemed to be a very good idea especially now that the year has just started and almost everyone is in the mood for doing something new.

I’m going to stop by the stationery shop later after work to buy something I can put my money in. Are you thinking of doing this, too? Let me know so we can check on each other’s progress from time to time.

Kelly 😝


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