(UPDATE) The Body Shop: Tea Tree Trio!!

Hi again everyone! I’m posting a follow-up entry for the article I wrote last September 3 about TBS Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial products. Now at this early time, I will have to pre-empt my review by saying that this product worked magic on my skin! I will prove it to you with the help of a few pictures I managed to retrieve from the period before I started using the product until present.

I started using Tea Tree products September 3, so I fired up my Dropbox and got pictures from August and older. Here’s what I found:



Can you see the dark spots at the top right area of my forehead? And notice the hideous shine on my face? Take note of all that on my next photos.

Above is my no-makeup face. Aside from the obvious fresh, and healthy looking glow, you can see that there is less shine on my T-zone areas and my blemishes are gone permanently. This photo was taken only three weeks ago during my trip to Southern Philippines the weather is hotter and drier than here in Manila. Normally, that would turn my face into a tiny disco ball, but even after hours of no washing, my skin is less oily and still very soft to touch.

One other thing I noticed is that makeup clings to my skin even better now than before. I haven’t changed my BB cream at the time this photo was taken, so I’ve been using the same ones since August when the first two were taken until around two or three weeks ago when the rest were taken so it can’t be the makeup product. Foundation and BB Creams glide smoother over my skin in ever application and stay longer. I don’t have to put too many layers of it either now that I have no issues with dark spots.

And thanks to the miraculous healing powers of tea tree extracts in the products, pimples dry up faster and little insect bites and scratches heal faster without leaving permanent scars. I sometimes use the moisturizer to treat mosquito bites on my arms and legs and they work just fine.

I guess by now, you feel that you won’t have to ask me if I’m going to buy it anytime soon, considering the amount of praises The Body Shop has garnered so far in my post. But, I apologize in advance for I will have to ruin your expectations in saying no. Why? Because I still have more or less a quarter left in my bottles!! The moisturizer tube ran out first (remember what I said about mosquito bites?) so I had to buy a second bottle last November. But the facial cleanser and toner, they’re totally worth your cash! In case you refuse to believe me, here are some more photos I took just after my evening facial routine before writing this article:


They have plenty other varieties at their shop so check them out. But if you have had past issues with skin care products not working on you or causing breakouts or rashes on your skin, then ask the staff for sample sets. If I’m not mistaken, you can get four tiny bottles for Php 1, 000 in a set. And if you’re going for a set, ask about their membership card, too! You can get huge discounts on members only sales!

If you have decided to sample the facial care series at The Body Shop, please write me back and tell me about how it worked for you! Who knows, we could help someone find their perfect match!!




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