Collection: Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder


Hear ye all! Collection UK has reached Philippine shores (like, two months ago…). I found it rather curiously at Mercury Drugstore in Trinoma one day after work, and what attracted me was this promo they had going on (and still do, but don’t hoard, since it’s only until supplies last, and I want it to last until my next payday). You get one free lipgloss for every single purchase, a three-shade eyeshadow palette for a two-item purchase, and a lip lacquer for a three-item, single receipt purchase. The nice sales lady approached me and introduced the product and egged me to try them. I bought a lipstick tube because their color selection is sooo cute and the price is okay. (Oh.. Will have to write one other entry for the lippy…)

I happened to like the lipstick too. I gave the free gloss to my sister so I haven’t tried it myself. Because of my newfound enthusiasm to the product, I looked it up online and found their uk website, and their facebook (and twitter) page. During my search, I found out about their finishing powder which I will be writing about in this blog entry.


The Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder is encased in cheap, but sturdy-feeling plastic. It says 16 hour wear on the case, but more on that later. The back panel is black and has a tiny pen hole to push in if you need to get a refill. That’s one thing I like about most makeups: they let you keep the old case and simply get the refills if you run out for a few pesos less. Though I must add that you will have to have your own powder brush (or sponge, if you prefer) before purchasing this for it doesn’t come with a free applicator. For Php 169, it seemed to me like a great deal.

Sadly, it failed to meet the 16-hour promise it pledged, but for a no-shine face for 5 to 6 hours, it’s enough for me. I can always reapply powder whenever necessary, and that didn’t appear to me as a letdown. You want makeup to last on your face longer than that, then don’t expect to shell out just Php 169 for one. This product’s good enough for me.

Another thing I liked about the product is that it doesn’t come loose after several strokes from my blusher brush. It stayed neat and clean after use. No need to tap out excess powder from your brush either because you only get what you want depending on the weight and number of brush strokes you make. It doesn’t have the signature, artificial smell of “unscented” expensive makeups (*cough* Mac Liquid Foundation *coughcough*) that ticks me off.

I have used this about three times now since I bought it, but I have forgotten to take before and after photos of it for my blog. So I brushed it on my face earlier today to show you.


It eliminates shine quite decently, and I must say, I didn’t have to reapply my blush when I used it under this Lasting Powder. Like I said, despite the plastic container, it doesn’t come loose after meeting with my brush so my bag stays powder free. It’s very light on the skin that you won’t even feel you have it on, and it doesn’t clog pores either. It stays on and comes off clean leaving nothing clogging your pores and ruining your face.

I have used Nichido’s final powder for the same purpose before, but with their product, it stings my face in a way that the skin around my eyes feel itchy for some time after application. Maybe it’s just not meant for me, but I have thrown out the jar I bought before because I was afraid it would do more harm than good. But this product feels very pleasant.

I recommend this to fashion and makeup fanatics on a budget, even to professional makeup artists and consumers who have used more expensive brands. This could work for you, too if you give it a try. Let me know what you think. As for me, I will certainly check out their stall at Crossings Trinoma on my payday for more splurging haha! I’m starting to love Collection Cosmetics!



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