Critique: Pizzahut’s Mango Panna Cotta


There’s no question about the presentation: it makes you want to buy it when you see it served to the table next to yours. But does it live up to your expectation? Despite how much I love Pizzahut, I will have to say no.

The panna cotta underneath the sliced mango (much emphasis on the singularity of the word used) and puree  was nice, but the puree was too sour for my taste. The first spoonful was upsetting, and it I didn’t attempt to take a bit of panna cotta with little puree, I would be higly unappreciative of the whole dish. I expected a better tasting dessert because serving size was so sparse in comparison to its price (Php 79), but I was fooled by the photo they displayed on each table in the restaurant. I’ve had better tasting purees than this, and a particular kind which my sisters bought at the supermarket was very affordable.

The cherry was... Cherry nice. 🙂

So, for the final verdict:

Presentation: 10/10.  The serving glass was cute. Makes your mouth water by just looking at it.
Value for Money: 4/10. Sorry, Pizzahut. I love your pizzas, but this is depressing.
Overall Taste: 3/10. Puree too sour. Would be nice if they can use sweeter mangoes.
Will I Order Again: No. I’d take other items in their menu though 😛

Me looking very upset

Do you we share the same sentiments? Let me know!

♡, Kelly


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