The Body Shop: Tea Tree Trio!


My best friend from Highschool introduced this to me. Actually, I think she’s just looking for someone to pass on her Tea Tree Facial Cleanser to. She bought it for herself with gusto that it didn’t occur to her to think about buying the sample set first to see if it works for her. Unfortunately, it didn’t.  She had multiple breakouts during the first few days use. Thinking that it will eventually pass, she continued using the product for more than two weeks and realized that nothing actually changed except the fact that she’s had more tiny bumps on her face since she started using the product. So she gave it to me, and I though of buying a toner and moisturizer to properly serve its purpose.

I tried it out for the very first time today. And instantly, I fell in love!

First, I was like, meeh, big deal. 600++ for a facial cleanser this small? I thought I’d regret getting it, but after rinsing off a bit of makeup with water, I took the bottle and squeezed out just a few drops (just a few drops, and I’m not exaggerating this. The Body Shop gave a whole new meaning to “a little goes a long way” for me), and gently rubbed the product on my face upward circles. it felt different from all other cleansers I tried– there were no visible lather, no bubbles or weird sandy bits that seems to scrape off your skin in every rub. A few drops were enough to clean up my face, and a few drops more for my neck. And I did feel that its working its magic as so as I start spreading the product all over my face. And after rinsing, my face did feel so clean, smooth and hydrated.

Here’s a photo of me after shower:

After washing with ztea Tree Facial Cleanser

Next up, the toner! So far,  I’ve tried HBC’s toner. It’s a lot cheaper than TBS’ s but the mere fragrance of the two compared can tell you that former is worth the money. Like the cleanser, the toner smells of tea tree (I don’t mind the smell. As a matter of fact, I actually like it. Makes me think: CLEAN.), while my old HBC’s all alcohol. I dabbed the product on a clean cotton ball and applied in upward direction one section at a time. It did sting a bit, but not like HBC’s, where I had to close my eyes to protect from the evaporating toner. The result was the shiny skin which we always get from toners, but I really like how my skin felt after it dried. Drumroll please!


The bottle says its best for blemished skin. I bet you can see the dark spots on my forehead and the far left side of my cheek (nevermind the black dots on the bridge of my nose and under my left eye… thoser are beauty marks!), so I’m hoping to see improvements after weeks of regular use. I intend to update this entry as I test the product out, just to share with you how my skin reacts to it. Of course, not all skin types are the same. Just take my friend Virginia for example: she got plenty of breakouts; but I’ve used tea tree soaps before and so far I’ve never had any problems with it.

We’re not done yet,  folks! I still have a small tube of moisturizer. Quite pricey for something this small,  but like I said, just a little bit is more than enough. Despite my disapproval of your steep value,  Moisturizer, I have grown to love you! My skin became smoother and softer, and it had a very relaxing scent snd cooling effect. It also got rid of the shiny finish created by the toner. Have a look!


Today is day ONE, and I will keep using this religiously, so I can show you, my readers, how the product worked for me. Give me seven days starting tomorrow, and I’ll write an update for this entry with my mee findings! But so far, even on my very first use, I give this The Body shop a FOUR out of FIVE! Breakouts and other possible side effects will definitely influence thr final judgement to be served next week!

See you guys again soon!

♡ Kelly 🙂


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