Missing my Man so Much

My Boyfriend Byron’s famiky lives far away in Northern Philippines. Anyone who’s traveled to Vigan should know how long and tiring the trip up there can get. They have planes bound for Ilocos Norte every day, but the fare is about three times more expensive than taking the bus. And aftewr the plane ride to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, you’llmstill have to take a bus to Ilocos Sur to get to his family’s home, and that means four to five more hours of travel by bus.

Now imagine that the one person you love most lives that far away… How I wish we have hugh speed cross-county trains like in Japan.

Last night we noth went on skype. He doesn’t have a laptop or a tablet of his own for skype, so he borrowed his sister-in-law’s just so we can talk. Since he arrived in Sto. Domingo, we both had been looking forward to seeing each other on skype, but last night we couldn’t say a single comforting word to each other and all we did was cry. We missed each other so much and words can’t even explain how much. In a way, I’m rather relieved that we feel the same way, which means that our love for each other has not changed in spite of the distance that separates us. But it’s impossible to be any more depressed that what we do now, because we both want to be with each other so bad, yet we can’t. Like what I said before, our sacrifices will yield good fruits in the future if we continue on, even though its hard. What we’re working so hard for now can be enough assurance that we can lead healthy lives with less problems by the time we decide to start a family of our own. But, to be honest, there still comes a time when these words aren’t enough to appease ny loneliness.


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  1. Stay strong you two. God willing to will find a way to beat the odds of a long distance relationship. I believe it can find a way to survive. Phone calls and pcs will help bridge the gap. I should know I met my wife about 10years ago and we didn’t meet for the first time till about 9 or 10 months later, then waited over a year before we could see each again and get married. Keep your head up and know its worth it.

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