Faith in Humanity… Lost…

I don’t really want to talk about it now, but I want to post it here so I’ll be reminded to always watch out for my belongings and secure my things before I get off any vehicle.

When I stepped off the tricycle this morning, I saw mom and Dad’s car outside the gate. I was too eager to cross the street and say goodbye to my little sister who’s heading to her school for the day, so I completely forgot to check all my stuff before I hopped off the tricycle. I just noticed that my bluetooth suddenly disconnected and when I tried double-pressing the button for auto redial, I couldn’t hear the phone connect at all. I was just talking with my boyfriend Byron before I got off the tricycle, so that was when it dawned to me that I left the phone in the tricycle.

I tried calling the phone several times, and it just kept ringing. When someone finally picked up the phone, no one answered. All I could hear was the sound of the street and the radio. That was when I realized I have to call the phone company and report the loss of my sim card, so the service will be temporarily disconnected.

I was still crying when I called the phone company. And it felt really nice to hear the sincere sound of the phone operator’s voice sharing her sympathies. She said she will process the disconnection right away, and all I have to do to get a new sim card is to go to the mall and pay Php150 for the new sim and I will be able to get the new card right away.

My next dilemma will be: will I tell my parents about the loss or not? Right now, it’s really crazy here at home. My Ninang Relly’s in the hospital. She’s been on a hospital bed for almost a week now. It started when she complained of stomach pains last Thursday. They took her to the nearest hospital (Divine Heart) that night. It was really painful to see because her husband (I’ll tell you more about that person later… He’s earned a PERSONA NON GRATA status here at home weeks after arriving from abroad) yelling at her while she’s clearly in pain, accusing her of pretending to be sick just to get what she wanted. So they took her to the nearest hospital and was diagnosed with appendicitis shortly thereafter. But after the operation, she’s still having difficulty urinating, and it got so bad she started getting edema in select spots on her body. The doctor then strongly recommended Dialysis, and that she be transferred to a more-equipped hospital.

Just yesterday they transferred her to the Heart Center of the Philippines, where she immediately underwent dialysis. Later that night I found out that she will need another heart surgery. As of now, she’s resting in the ICU. I’ve got no news of her current condition… I hope she’s okay…

I’ve got no job, no money, I lost my phone, my Dad, Mom and Ate had to pay for my Ninang’s hospitalization fees because her husband don’t have enough money to pay for them, Janine’s tuition is due on the 12th. I don’t really want Kuya to find out about this because he will start to worry, considering how far away he is. I don’t want to involve our Kuya in this matter, because we’re starting to get the idea that the old man’s thinking of asking Kuya for money, and we don’t want that to happen. Oh, you can only imagine what that old man had been doing in the past few days, living a life of luxury, pretending he’s got all the money in the world with nothing to worry about. Now, he’s bringing us problems because of his carelessness…

You can tell how complicated our situation at home is right now… And I don’t really want to add up to the misery by telling Dad that I lost Ate’s phone. So I told mom instead, and asked if she can keep it secret for now until I get a job and find a replacement for that phone…

Oh well…


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