Kuya got me a Note 10.1!! :D

I’m soo happy! I’ve always wanted to get a Samsung Note.

My Samsung Note 10.1 from my dear Kuya in Abu Dhabi

At first it was just something I’ve always wanted to have, but when I stepped into law school and realized how my classmates and professors used it to their convenience, I got even more serious about getting one. It’s too pricey for me though. And right now, I’m merely living off a few savings and help from parents for food, board and allowance since I haven’t started working at the Interior and Local Government yet (I was told my contract is still awaiting signature from the Undersecretary, and it’s been like that for about two weeks now). I wanted to get back to work so I can pay back my debts ( I borrowed some money from Dad, my sisters and aunt for books and supplies, while Mom gave me Php500 a week, which I will also have to pay back as soon as I get a job). I realized that even after I start earning, I won’t be able to buy anything for myself in a few months, and my plans of getting a tablet phone for myself will have to wait until next year. I’m so happy Kuya bought me one, though we initially agreed to share half of the price before he buys me one. The Note 10.1 here in the Philippines costs around Php 28,000 a pop, and of course, the one with 32gb of storage costs more. I can’t wait to finally hold it in my hand! And surely, I will have an unboxing and review page on my blog for everyone and anyone who’s still thinking whether to get the device or not.

Yeeeyy!!! I will study hard, Kuya. Thank you! 😀

As soon as I get it I will find a way how to unlock root access on it. Ahahahaha!!!


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