I have to apologize to my non-filipino-speaking readers, but I just HAVE to share this. This is a parody to the song by Maroon 5 (which I did not know prior to listening to the song. I had to google it up just to hear the original version. Thank you, YOUTUBE!) Even if you don’t speak Filipino, you can probably tell what they’re trying to say in the video.

HIPON /hee-pon/ is the filipino word for Shrimp. If you have eaten Shrimp before, you know that you’d usually go for the piece that has the healthiest-looking body, but you have to snap the head off first and remove it’s outer shell (if the Cook didn’t remove them prior to cooking) before you can eat it. Basically, it has become an insulting term for women with beautiful bodies, yet with facial features which clearly aren’t as appealing as the body (so you snap off the head…). It’s derogatory, but the way they wrote about the girl in the song is soo funny it didn’t even occur to me to feel sad for her for being called ugly.

As a matter of fact, while listening to the song, I was rolling on the floor I could hardly breathe. Ahahahaha!! I tried to check Youtube if they have videos that are purely in english which I can share to everyone (of course, I’d also like to do something to make my readers laugh!), but it doesn’t seem like they have one which is equally funny.

I guess there’s truth in the saying, ” There’s joy in swearing in one’s native tongue”. Somehow jokes seem to be funnier when told in a language you grew up using.


Do you have funny videos of parodies you’d like to share? Send them in and let’s see them! 😀


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