Blogging when I’m supposed to be Studying.

Ahahaha! You are correct, sir! I should be studying, but I don’t have the book our professor wanted us to study about. Can’t even find an ebook version of even the first few pages… And what’s worse: THEY DON’T HAVE A COPY IN THE LIBRARY EITHER!! So, what’s a lazy ‘ol me gotta do about it? Nothing, except blog. I wish I had money to buy the book instead of me just sitting here.

The book I’m looking for is Antonio Estrada’s Philosophy of Law. It’s quite upsetting that the professor recommended a book which isn’t even in the school library…

Just got a text from a classmate (Named Classmate No. 1 in my phonebook… Can’t remember what his name was…) that they managed to secure a copy, so it seems I will have to go to school early to get it copied so I’ll have time to review.

Meehh…. Then again, maybe not…


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